Grease Recycling

Gulf Shores Utilities Board is pleased to bring a Grease Recycling program to the Gulf Shores Community. Oily residue in residential and rental property’s plumbing leads to sewer problems and blockages. Recycling food grade oil and grease will greatly benefit both the public sewer system and the environment.

Used cooking oil and fats should always be disposed of properly. Never pour any type of oil down a drain or toilet! Even if the oil is poured slowly into a drain followed with hot water, the oil will eventually cause problems with your home’s plumbing and the public sewer system.

The process is simple. After letting oil cool, it should be poured into a clean, plastic container with a properly fitting lid. GSUB provides free grease recycling containers at our main office or one of the designated Used Oil Recycling Stations. You may also use the oil’s original container or any other clean plastic container. The container may be dropped off at GSUB’s Main Office or a Used Recycling Station which allows you to exchange your container for an empty container. It’s just that easy!

All Gulf Shores residents and guests are encouraged to participate. Protecting the environment and our sewer system is a team effort, so please bring any used residential grease to one of GSUB’s recycling stations today!

Gulf Shores Utilities Cooking Grease Recycling Bins Locations

This program is for cooking oil only! No grease trap waste or petroleum based motor oil is accepted.

For more information or special assistance, please contact us by phone at 251-968-6323.