Wastewater Reclamation Facility

Our wastewater reclamation facility remains on the cutting-edge to assure our environment remains our most precious resource. Currently the system capacity of 4 million gallons per day has never been reached. The largest day for our wastewater reclamation facility on record was 2.6 million gallons. However, with projects for continued growth in our area, we have the capacity and plan in place to increase treatment to 6 million gallons daily and eventually to 12 million gallons per day.

Our wastewater reclamation facility was actually the first of its kind in the state. By utilizing ultraviolet disinfection rather than chlorine to kill bacteria, the reclaimed water is much more environmentally friendly. Over 99.9% of all bacteria are killed safely and the remaining .1% is rendered sterile before the water is returned to the environment. In fact, tests of the intracoastal waterway show the water quality has actually improved over past years! In addition, our water reclamation facility was the first in the state to utilize effluent for irrigation of non-residential facilities.

The Board continues to make improvements to existing sewer lines and to expand our system to provide public sewer lines and to expand our system to provide public sewer service to residences and future development throughout our service area. Replacement of clay pipe with High Density Polyethylene pipe in high-risk storm areas and dismounting life station control panels for relocation to safer, secure areas during severe weather condition, are ways the Board protects our system, reduces repair costs and reinstates sewer service quickly.

• “Best Operated Plant Award” for 1996, 1997, and 1998

• 4 Million Gallons
• Avg. Daily Flows 2006-2007 — 1.2435 Million Gallons

ADEM Certified Operators
• Wesley Cole, Grade IV
• John Cooper, Grade IV
• Shawn Haller, Grade III
• Kevin Wise, Grade II, Supervisor FSC
• Clay Parker, Grade II
• Tommy Segars, Grade II
• Hunter Burgett, Grade II
• Jason Pelot, Grade IC
• Mike Fleming, Grade IC
• Marcus Rutledge, Grade IC
• Beckie Schwartz, Grade IC
• Dennis Stumpfol, Grade IC
• Walt Norton, Grade IC
• Mark Stockton, Grade IC
• Austin Teal, Grade IC