Grinder Pump Systems

The grinder pump assembly is the central part of the customer’s sewer system. It consist of an in-ground reservoir, a grinder mechanism, a pressure pump, on/off control device and an electrical panel. The wastewater is collected in the reservoir until the water level reaches a point where an internal float turns on the grinder pump. The wastewater is then pulled through the grinder mechanism and pumped through the yard line to the Board’s public sewer system, in most cases located on the edge of the street. The grinder control panel is located close to the grinder and is equipped with a red flashing light and/or buzzer alarm system. The alarm system should activate when the wastewater in the reservoir has not pumped down which may result in a pending overflow situation. Any time a resident sees the red light on, even for a few seconds, they should contact the Board, including after hours and on weekends.

Several problems can cause a grinder system to fail. These problems include:
Disposal of non-biodegradable materials down the toilet
Feminine hygiene product lodged in the grinder mechanism
Grease or powdered soap scum build up in the reservoir, causing float control failure
Electrical problems including house electical breakers tripping, fire ants, and component failure
Preventive measures which help maintain a long and dependable grinder pump system are:
Ensure that no trash is flushed down the sewer drains. (grinder blades jam and pump will not work)
Pour grease in a container and discard appropriately. Never pour oil or grease down the drain. (Oil and grease will coagulate in cool temperatures of grinder basins and restrict on/off float switches.)
Utilize liquid soaps for dish washing and laundry (powder soaps will coagulate in cool temperatures of grinder basins and restrict on/off float switches)
Pour enzymes down the drain to promote treatment process within the grinder basin
Never disconnect or turn off breaker to grinder pump system when leaving town. (The only exception is in an Emergency/Hurricane situation – See Emergency Preparedness on the Customer Service tab) When grinder pump systems are off, toilet or faucet leaks may overflow grinder basins, back up into house drain and cause damage to pumps.
Be alert to any unusual noises or red light coming from the grinder system and report them as soon as possible

Please make sure everyone who utulizes your home is aware of these facts.