Coastal areas everywhere face challenges due to storms and high water. Gulf Shores Utilities continues to utilize leading-edge plans and technologies that give our customers the highest level of protection and uninterrupted service possible. That on-going commitment is evidenced by our continued excellent water quality ratings. These ratings are borne out by strict observation of our 8 wells in the A2 and A3 aquifers that show no evidence of depletion or of saltwater intrusion. In fact, our community is blessed with high quality water far into the future as independent studies show there are substantial amounts available for growth. Our peak day to date was 6.6 million gallons with out treatment capacity above that at 9.72 million gallons. In addition to that daily capacity we maintain 7.25 million gallons of treated water in elevated and ground storage facilities.

The Gulf Shores Utility Board continues to improve existing lines and construct new lines in new service areas. Treated water is delivered for residential and commercial use as well as fire service flow in all existing and new service areas. This entire service is fully automated for both water and wastewater management to assure rapid response and adjustment to any situation.

• 1997 Wellhead Protection Plan Completed (ADEM)
• 2001 Groundwater Guardian Member (Groundwater Guardian)
• 2007 – 2015 Water Fluoridation Quality (US Dept of Health and CDC)

• WTP # 1Treatment: 4.32 MGD
• WTP # 3 Treatment 2.52 MGD
• WTP #4 Treatment 2.88 MGD
• 8 Wells ranging from 500 gpm to 2,000 gpm
• 5 Elevated Storage Tanks Capacity 3.25 MG
• 2 Ground Storage Tanks Capacity 4.0 MG

ADEM Certified Operators
• Albert Bonifay, Grade III, Director of Water Production-WTP
• Tom Senese, Grade III
• Wesley Cole, Grade III
• Brandon Hayes, Grade III
• Ted Smith, Grade III
• Ginger Weatherford, Grade II
• Clay Parker, Grade II
• Mike Fitts, Grade II
• Austin Teal, Grade II
• Tom Hillman, Grade I
• Tom Hillman, Grade I
• Barry Dean, Grade I
• Daniel Watson, Grade I

2019 Consumer Confidence Report

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