Specifications – Introduction


The Specifications set forth herein establish the minimum characteristics of materials and methods of construction acceptable to Gulf Shores Utilities. Should an item or element of work not be adequately specified herein, a written clarification or specification extension should be requested prior to the performance of any work.

These Specifications are subject to revision without notice as warranted by experience with the various materials and procedures listed herein. The user is cautioned that the date listed on the title page hereof is the effective date of these Specifications and the user is responsible to ascertain whether any later revision of these Specifications is in force.

ALL WORK SHALL BE PERFORMED UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF A REGISTERED PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER OR HIS/HER AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE. It shall be the Engineer’s responsibility to ensure that all utility systems to be accepted by GSU are installed in accordance with plans and GSU specifications, and documented in accurate as-built record drawings. Construction observation by GSU representatives does not relieve the Engineer of these responsibilities. In addition to routine inspections, the Engineer shall be represented on site during all testing and final inspections.


Based upon evaluation of and experience with the various brands and types of equipment and material available, the equipment and materials as called for in these Specifications are considered to provide the highest quality of service within the Gulf Shores Utilities system. Where the name of a certain brand, make, or manufacturer is included in the description of an item of equipment or material, the intent is to adhere strictly to the Specifications.

Items of equipment or material so specified by certain brand, make, or manufacturer are selected based upon adaptability and compatibility to performance requirements in this area and experience in their successful application. Substitute brands, makes or manufacturers of items of equipment or material that are in full conformance with the general style, type, character and quality of the specified article may be considered.

Requests for consideration of substitute items of equipment or material should be submitted in written form. Such request shall be accompanied by sufficient information to enable full evaluation of the style, type, character and quality of the item.

Factors included in the evaluation of the proposed substitute item shall include: experience with the item, quality, availability, parts/service availability, interchangeability with existing system components, warranty, code compliance, recommended installation techniques, and any other features/considerations which may be deemed pertinent to evaluation of the particular item proposed for substitution.

Gulf Shores Utilities shall be the sole authority for the determination of acceptable substitute equipment or materials. Approval of any substitution shall be in writing. The user of these Specifications is cautioned not to perform any work involving non-specified items without obtaining prior written approval thereof as set forth above.